Here is what some Quality of Movement's Pilates clients have had to say, it is what you can expect from us when you become our client.


"Peppa has been my Pilates instructor for the past 2 years. When I first started her classes I had no serious body or health issues, however there was a lot of room for improvement. It has been incredible to see the difference in my posture and release of tension in my back and neck that I didn’t realise I had due to working fulltime in an office. The point of difference at Quality of Movement Pilates classes is that each week Peppa focuses on an area that I want to improve and where I want to see results.

These classes have been nothing but a positive and enjoyable experience. I now have the knowledge to apply Pilates techniques daily to ensure I reduce any mind and body pressures of daily life."

Annabelle M


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Peppa. She takes the time to understand your fitness level and goals and pushes you to achieve those goals. Each member of the class receives individual attention and has their routine tailored to their abilities and  goals. Since starting at Quality of Movement over 8 months ago, I have seen improvements in my focus areas of waist, abdominals and butt as well as the overall muscle tone and shape. I enjoy the friendly supportive atmosphere and hate missing any classes. 

I would highly recommend Peppa to anyone looking to get over an injury, improve their fitness and gain the shape they've always wanted."

Olwin C


"Pilates was a gentle and relaxing form of exercise to do during my pregnancy right up to my due date.

It helped to ease my pregnancy-related body aches and pains and Peppa adapted exercises to my different needs at the various stages of my pregnancy. I believe Pilates gave me the core body strength and controlled breathing skills to have a drug-free and relatively easy labour. Pilates has aided my quick recovery after the birth, and Peppa continues to individualise my exercises now that my little boy has arrived, working on aches and pains from nursing and getting my body back to its pre-pregnancy shape."

Amanda C


"Pilates with Peppa is always something I look forward to. I now don’t experience the lower back problems I was always plagued with, and I’ve learnt how to carry out relaxation and stretching techniques outside of the class. Peppa is always aware of my limits and tailors each session to what my body requires – hard to find in general mat classes! I am now a Pilates convert and highly recommend Peppa’s classes."

Katrina W


"I have been doing classes with Peppa for about 8 months now and I have seen a great improvement in my core strength and flexibility in that time. I have had an Achilles injury during this time and Peppa has specifically tailored each of my sessions around that injury. She is a fantastic instructor who takes an interest in each of her clients and what they want to achieve from their Pilates sessions."

Michelle J


"Pilates with Peppa has made a big difference to my core strength and general strength and flexibility even though I only do one session per week. I really like the way she tailors the session to your own specific needs so it is like having a one on one programme within the small group. Peppa always asks what you would like to work on or if you have any particular sore areas that need  special attention. Her knowledge about the body and the appropriate exercises is excellent and her friendly but professional approach to each session is encouraging and motivating for the participants. I thoroughly enjoy Peppa’s pilates sessions and my body certainly feels much better for them."

Susie T


"Quality of Movement offers professional, individualised Pilates programs for all ages. Quality of Movement has been instrumental in alleviating my lower back pain and weakness. My personalised program has been tailored to my needs and has supported my body in gaining strength and flexibility in the areas needed. Everybody's body is different so it makes sense to seek a program that's going to work for you, I highly recommend Quality of Movement to anyone who wants or needs to make a difference in their lives. Quality of Movement Pilates gets results and I can't thank them enough!"

Kelly B


"Peppa is professional, knowledgable and experienced. The sessions and exercises are always tailored to suit my goals and needs at the time, from toning and strengthening for fitness, to exercising and stretching during pregnancy, to helping with work-related back pain, which means I always get maximum benefit from each session. Thank you Peppa!"

Nardia P


"Quality of movement Pilates class has given me strength and mobility which gives me confidence in my daily routine. Peppa gives individual attention with clear instructions. I am a grandma and without Pilates I couldn't do half the things I do with my grandchildren. So a big thanks to Peppa."

Carmen B


"Peppa is a great teacher -  she customises class to suit her student needs/injuries and asks each of  us what we would like this week! For the first time in my life I can (kind of) engage my core and my posture and flexibility has improved.

I look forward to the Peppa torture each week (joke!)"

John K


"Peppa has been my Pilates instructor for around 2 years now and I have always been 100% happy with the service she provides. Not only is she professional and friendly, Peppa is able to tailor-make each session to suit your individual needs. After suffering a few niggling issues with my body, I discovered Pilates and have never felt better. My job is quite physical and it's great to understand how to maintain flexibility and strength so that I continually feel good. Thank you Peppa for passing on your wisdom."

Nicole P



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